Ambient Church

Ambient Concert "Night of the Churches"
St. Johanniskirche, Hamburg

"All those Galaxies"

Pianoworks / "All those Galaxies"
For shortfilm "Candle-Light-Dinner" by Thomas Vespermann

Live at Golden Pudel Club

Days of Delay at Golden Pudel Club

Days of Delay with string quartet

Live at Hamburger Kunsthalle Hubertus-Wald-Forum

Group Exhibition "Algorithmus | Wald"

At Frappant Gallery with percussionist Lin Chen.

Live at Kampnagel

KMH-club at Kampnagel

Exhibition "Gliese 581d"

Music and concert for multimedia group exhibition "Gliese 581d- Habitable Zones"


Live at St. Pauli church in Hamburg
Concert for exhibition "Antarctica"

Live at Mojo Club

Raphaël Marionneau "musique mercredi" at Mojo-Club with Shona Donaldson

Live in Wilhelmsburg

"48h" festival at an old school auditorium

Theremin experimental

Show at the Gängeviertel galery in the context of exhibition "Wackeln" (wiggling). In this excerpt the theremin was used as an audio-to-midi controller driving a softsynth.